The scientific coordination has the task of formulating proposals for activities or initiatives (research, seminars, conferences, etc..), Relating to land in which the IRES is involved ER, to be submitted to and examined by the Scientific Committee for their depth. The scientific coordination is formed by:
Cesare Minghini - President IRES ER
It deals with the coordination and connection between the Scientific Committee and universities and among trade union organization and research institutes.
Vando BorghiSociologist 
He is professor of sociology and sociology of the development organization at the Faculty of Political Sciences of Bologna. It deals with changes in the world of work, institutional and organizational.
Francesco Garibaldo - Industrial Sociologist
He was director of the IPL (Institute for Labour Foundation), the network RLDWL (Regional and Local Development for Work and Labour) of which today is a member of the board. Since 2006 he is Vice President of Research Committee on Participation, Organizational Democracy, International Association of Sociology.
Loris LugliEconomist
It deals with economic development and industrial relations at local level through the study of second-level collective bargaining.

Marco Sassatelli -
Industrial economist and expert of corporate finance for SMEs. He worked for Ministry of Industry on privatization and industrial policies, for Ministry of Agriculture on cooperatives enterprises development, for UNDP – United Nations Development Program, IFAD – International Fund for Agriculture Development and Veneto Region on migrants return and development of territories of origin of migrants.
Codice anagrafe nazionale ricerche: 58240

Denominazione: Istituto di Ricerche Economiche e Sociali dell'Emilia Romagna

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Data codice iscrizione anagrafe: 11/01/2007
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Regione Emilia-Romagna
Provincia BO
CAP 40122
Comune Bologna

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Attività: ISTAT: 73200
Attività Ricerca e sviluppo sperimentale nel campo delle scienze sociali e umanistiche